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Position Your Brand Loyalty

Merchants can gain loyal customers through our effortless and personalized loyalty program

Understand Your Customers

Merchants gain access to customer insights to provide a more personalized experiences, driving repeat business and boosting sales

How we are different

Taperk offers a seamless loyalty program solution at an affordable cost.

Most Convenient

A seamless solution for consumers and merchants, with easy enrollment, minimal setup, and flexible POS system integration

Lowest Cost

With modern technology and minimal setup, we can offer predictable and most competitive pricing in the market

Tap to earn

Using near field communication (NFC) technology, customers can easily enroll in our loyalty program and earn points. Just like how you would tap to pay!

No App Download /

Using instant app, customers can easily interact with the loyalty program

Enhance Operations

Streamline the checkout process while still building relationships with your customers


How it works

Customized analytics

Dashboards help you monitor your reward performance and create a customer-centric approach to your business.

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