We help small and medium merchants acquire and retain more customers.

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Position Your Brand Loyalty

Merchants can gain loyal customers through our seamless and personalized loyalty program

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Understand Your Consumers

Merchants can gain valuable customer insights through our comprehensive analytics dashboard

What we offer?

With advanced technology and analytics, Taperk can increase your customer retention.

Fastest Loyalty Program

Merchants can easily reward their customers in seconds

Lowest Price

We offer competitive price with latest technology to help your business


Using near-field communication (NFC), consumers can quickly join and earn points.

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Merchants can easily reward their customers in seconds

Increase Operations

Streamline the checkout process while still building relationships with your customers

Customized Analytics

Dashboards help you monitor your reward performance and create a customer-centric approach to your business.

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AI Personalization
Coming Soon!

Optimize marketing campaigns by integrating your performance data with our research using AI and machine learning.

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